HK partner David C. Wilkes Featured In the NYREJ’s 2021 Year In Review

December 28, 2021 | Articles & Press Releases

David C. Wilkes Featured In the NYREJ 2021 Year In Review

HK partner David C. Wilkes was featured in the New York Real Estate Journal‘s Advocates of the 2021 Year in Review. Mr. Wilkes was asked about his prediction for the New York real estate industry in 2022 and had this to share:

“One of the single most impactful ongoing expenses for any major real estate investment is the property tax. We are all operating in an environment of great uncertainty about the future. The need to forecast risk amid extreme volatility has never been more essential to major investment decisions. Our firm is the “go-to” for property tax insight, advice, and representation, and I predict that the firms that will succeed in our area of practice in 2022 will be those that can best understand the investor’s concerns and provide rapid, reliable, and responsive property tax information and analysis that serves their goals.”