October 30, 2019  |  Articles & Press Releases

Governor Cuomo Signs Bill Regarding IDA Agreements

Governor Cuomo signed a bill on October 29, 2019 that will assist school districts in dealing with the ramifications of property tax appeal settlements on properties subject to Industrial Development

January 23, 2019  |  Firm Happenings

Jacquelyn Mascetti Honored at Stars Under 40 Event

Jacquelyn Mascetti will be honored at the Stars Under 40 Awards and Networking event sponsored by Schneps Communications on March 21, 2019. This event recognizes outstanding New York City businesspersons,

November 9, 2018  |  Firm Happenings

Jen Hower Presents to 2018 IPT Property Tax Symposium

HKCC Partner Jennifer Hower presented before the 2018 IPT (Institute for Professionals in Taxation) Property Tax Symposium, at the Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando, November 4-7, 2018. Jen addressed some

July 30, 2018  |  Articles & Press Releases

Can We Talk Value Please?

See Kevin Clyne’s article appearing in the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) July 2018 edition of IPT Insider. The article discusses procedural gamesmanship employed by some local assessors. Article Link

March 30, 2018  |  Articles & Press Releases

Nassau County Seeks to Institutionalize Broken Assessments

Nassau County is going to Albany in an attempt to receive legislative approval to over-tax both residential and commercial property by at least 5%, effective immediately.   The County is seeking

February 23, 2018  |  Articles & Press Releases

Nassau County ASIE Filing Information

    We are sending you this reminder that Nassau County requires owners of “income producing property” and property that is owner occupied, under construction, and/or sold or purchased during calendar